We purchased a van from Thomas after looking around for some time. We found Thomas to be very honest and especially helpful given that we lived outside of Auckland.

We were quiet fussy about what we were looking for and we could not have asked for better service and attention in fulfilling our expectations.

We would not hesitate to recommend Motoka and Thomas especially.

Ruth Hawkins

Satisfied Customer

Professional, friendly and accommodating. Would recommend.

We purchased a Vanette from Motoka in September 2018 and converted it to a camper. We drove it all over the North and South without any issues.

Before purchasing, we got an independent inspection at Pit Stop which identified some minor issues (some rust under the passenger seat, ware on the spare tire). Motoka both had no concern with the inspection (some places suggest it is not needed - it is), and fixed the issues quickly and without protest.

We looked at vans all over Auckland and were so happy to have found this place. There are a lot of shady characters trying to get that sweet van money - but this placed proved to be upstanding.

Nolan Finn

Satisfied Customer

I looked through out the country at every toyota hiace and nissan caravan and Motoka had the cheapest and best deals i could find, Tom was honest, trustworthy and has been a great help for me turning my van into a camper, it was an easy and fast process.

I would happily recommend Motoka to anyone looking for a quality car or van.

Danielle Quentric

Satisfied Customer